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The Kearney Companies include, but are not limited to, the following unique companies:

Kearney Construction Company
Kearney Development Company
Florida Trucking
Florida Soil Cement
Florida Fuel Transporters
Coldwell Banke Commercial - Kearney Realty
Gulfcoast Survey Associates
Rover USA
Joanne Kearney Real Estate
Star 999 Development
Star Aviation

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The Utility Division of Kearney Construction is another facet of our total site capabilities. With technological expertise we can provide for the installation of sanitary sewers, gravity mains, sewage force mains, reclaim mains, water mains, fire mains, service line, storm sewer mains, under drains, lift stations, structures of all types and sizes, and conduits of all sizes. Due to our versatility with the above applications, we can provide the right personnel and equipment to suit any of your company's needs. We have the required utility licenses to perform the work and the quality of our work meets all State, City, County and Municipal specifications. Kearney Construction is extremely environmentally conscious and responsible during our processes of construction.

Installation of these utilities requires precise coordination in order to avoid any conflicts with existing utilities. We strive to coordinate with other job site utility entities, i.e., telephone, power, cable TV, etc., to insure that all schedules are met. It is this dedication to service that has made Kearney Construction a leader in the utility field.



Kearney Construction Company
5115 Joanne Kearney Blvd., Tampa, FL 33619