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Key information you need to know about Kearney Construction Company, LLC.

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The Kearney Companies include, but are not limited to, the following unique companies:

Kearney Construction Company
Kearney Development Company
Florida Trucking
Florida Soil Cement
Florida Fuel Transporters
Coldwell Banke Commercial - Kearney Realty
Gulfcoast Survey Associates
Rover USA
Joanne Kearney Real Estate
Star 999 Development
Star Aviation

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Site Management/ Field Supervision/ Foreman

Our field personnel consists of experts in all major aspects of our construction specialty including, but not limited to, clearing and earthwork, pipe installation, concrete and road construction. Our field foreman have long term experience both in their field of expertise as well as long standing experience with our company. Our field supervision is continually linked to our office management by the latest and most sophisticated communication devices including mobile phones, pagers, radios and other communication systems that monitor ongoing work, vehicles, and equipment of all operations.In addition, our field supervision has fax machines that allow for the prompt transmission of written data. We maintain and have ready access to all essential as-built information required on projects.


Kearney Construction Company
5115 Joanne Kearney Blvd., Tampa, FL 33619